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The universities demand that the essay be clear, consistent and forceful. Establish a common thread that explains the reasons for carrying out the program and how it coincides with the medium and long-term objectives of your professional life. Be honest and do not try to pretend things that are not. It is also important to show how the university and the teachers of the program are an important element for you and why it differs from others. The essay is not a blank check.

You should not send the same essay to each university, but write one per program and university. The essays are different for masters and doctorates. Mastery leads to a general knowledge, so it is acceptable not to know the subject in depth. The doctorate, on the other hand, has the objective of producing new knowledge, so it must demonstrate suitability in the subject and interest in those who work it; the doctorate is chosen by the advisors and not so much by the university and, often, the essay must carry a more formal research proposal.



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